Solar partnership to cut costs for Denby Pottery

Solar partnership to cut costs for Denby Pottery

Published: 12 Aug 2022, 15:01

2MW solar project to decarbonise Denby Pottery in Derbyshire. Image: Canadian Solar

A solar partnership between Ylem Energy and Derbyshire-based Denby Pottery will supply renewable energy to cut the costs of powering the company’s operations.

The solar project will generate more than 2 million kWh per annum and be connected to the local electricity grid network. It is expected this will offset 26% of the pottery site’s total electrical consumption.

The 2MW system, managed by Ylem, will include 4,554 LONGi Solar 455W Modules matched to a Solis Inverter solution with the array totalling 9,900 m2. It is designed to match the sites load requirements for electricity and will be ground mounted.

The agreement has been formalised via a dynamic power purchase agreement (DPPA) that will enable a reduction in energy cost. This presents an opportunity for further management of energy costs for businesses transitioning to renewable energy.

 “Businesses everywhere are feeling the pain of power price rises. Some will have seen their electricity bills triple in recent months and the continuing price increases are unlikely to stop anytime soon,” said Ian Gadsby, Ylem Energy managing director.

“Denby Pottery are now working with Ylem Energy to secure a significantly lower price for the renewable energy which this solar solution will generate for years to come.

“It’s very satisfying to play a key role in helping a business like Denby Pottery cut costs by generating its own power rather than relying solely on the National Grid, so that it can continue to offer its fantastic products at competitive prices.”

Dean Barlow, operations director at Denby Pottery, commented: “Sustainability is integral to Denby’s strategy for growth and the business was the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim zero process waste to landfill which helps to save 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

“Partnering with Ylem Energy to implement a solar PV solution will enable further significant carbon reductions to be made and reduce the business’ reliance on sourcing power from the National Grid, delivering stable pricing and significant cost reductions.”

This is the latest solar development in Derbyshire with a flagship building at Infinity Park having been completed with a rooftop solar system set to generate 37,000kWh of electricity every year to be used onsite.

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