Solar industry supports the ‘more progressive path’ detailed in the Scottish Budget 2023-24

Scotland’s First Minister’s promises ‘clear vision’ for the future of Scottish solar

Published: 23 Dec 2022, 10:59

Earlier this week Nicola Sturgeon told the chamber that a “clear vision” for the future development of solar will be presented in early January. Image: Adrien Olichon (Pexels).

In answer to a question posed by Fergus Ewing MSP in parliament earlier this week, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, recognised the significant contribution solar could make in decarbonising Scotland’s energy supply, and told the chamber that a “clear vision” for the future development of solar will be presented in early January.

Whilst refraining from making a specific commitment to the Scottish renewables industry’s call for a 4-6GW solar target, Solar Energy Scotland recognised that Sturgeon’s comments on making stretching, yet deliverable targets whilst also ensuring a just transition, were “warmly welcomed.”

“We welcome the comments today and look forward to engaging in the energy strategy consultation and providing the case and evidence for a strong target for solar deployment to 2030, said Thomas McMillan, chair of Solar Energy Scotland

“SES would also like to thank Fergus Ewing MSP and MSPs of all parties who have supported the efforts across the chamber to make the case for removing barriers and stepping up policy for solar in recent years. 2022 has seen major steps forward on accelerating permitted development rights, business rates incentives and positive measures in the new national planning framework.

“The existing targets for wind and other renewable technologies have rapidly driven decarbonisation and brought new jobs to rural and urban Scotland: a 2030 solar target is the missing piece of that jigsaw.”

Solar is becoming ever more prominent in Scotland’s energy policies. Last week, the Scottish Government included solar energy systems in the non-domestic rates regime as part of the Scottish Budget 2023-24.

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