Raven Renewables to install solar panels for Property Experts

Raven Renewables to install solar panels for Property Experts

Published: 21 Sep 2022, 14:22

Raven Renewables to install solar panels for Property Experts. Image: Raven Renewables.

Housing association-run solar installer Raven Renewables has agreed a deal with property investment, development and sourcing professionals Property Experts to integrate solar panels on a three-storey building.

The installation will include a remote monitoring system that will provide real-time data specifying how much energy is being created. This will allow the companies to identify if solar installations could be utilised across a wider range of properties.

The installation is expected to be completed this summer.

“This deal will help reduce the amount of electricity our homeowner will need to buy from the grid. We know that it is important to consider all aspects of a property when looking to maximise energy efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions, and where better to start than the roof,” said Bruce Burkitt, managing director at Property Experts.

Raven Renewables was founded by Raven Housing Association and manages the design, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies including solar photovoltaic panels, air and ground source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.     

“At Raven Renewables we know that is important to look at all the ways in which we can reduce the carbon footprint of a home,” said Mark Gardiner, business development manager at Raven Renewables.

“Whether that is to help reduce the householder’s energy costs, comply with planning requirements or to future-proof the property for generations to come, solar power is a huge asset when it comes to renewable energy and we’re sure the residents will soon see the benefits of the installation.” 

This is the latest deal added to Raven’s pipeline. The firm recently signed a new, external deal to install solar panels for a fellow social landlord in Kent.

The company will fit rooftop panels on 12 of Golding Homes’ properties, with works to take place at Crittenden Bungalows, in Gallants Lane, Maidstone, and Cedar Gardens, in Stockbury, Sittingbourne.

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