Engenera forms strategic partnership with TMS Grid to support further growth

Engenera forms strategic partnership with TMS Grid to support further growth

Published: 27 May 2021, 10:22

Engenera CEO Bryan Glendinning and TMS Grid managing director Peter Eagle. Image: Engenera.

EPC Engenera Renewables Group is looking to tender for larger projects as it enters into a strategic partnership with power and grid firm TMS Grid.

The two are now to offer an agnostic energy service nationwide, having previously used each other as subcontractors. While TMS Grid is an EPC in its own right, it also provides independent advice and guidance to developers, investors and construction companies on all power and grid-related matters in the UK and Ireland.

Bryan Glendinning, CEO of Engenera, said TMS Grid’s experience in grid services will add “great value”, with the two now able to work collaboratively to deliver “a more consistent and better quality of service for clients”.

Currently, Engenera offers renewable energy installations at no capital outlay to customers due to its access to a £100 million green bond programme. It has previously celebrated the benefits of this programme, particularly for local authorities, with the company able to install rooftop solar for free for its clients, who then enter into a power purchase agreement. 

Earlier this week, it was announced as the partner for a 20MW extension to Nissan’s solar farm at its Sunderland site. This is to more than double the existing amount of renewable energy produced at the manufacturing plant, with the renewables installed currently having a capacity of 4.75MW.

It follows the company restructuring its management team and realigning its business to be able respond to new government targets on reducing carbon emissions. To date, the company has supported almost 200 businesses in generating their own greener and cheaper energy from a range of renewable technologies and implementation of a decarbonisation roadmap.

Peter Eagle, managing director of TMS Grid, praised Engenera for being “such a renowned and successful company”, adding the partnership will allow TMS Grid “to grow its portfolio and expand into new markets”.

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