Clean Energy Associates announce partnership with ‘solar black belts’ 2DegreesKelvin

Clean Energy Associates announce partnership with ‘solar black belts’ 2DegreesKelvin

Published: 3 Jun 2021, 11:57

Image: 2DegreesKelvin.

Technical due diligence and engineering services company Clean Energy Associates (CEA) has announced a new partnership with UK-based engineering company 2DegreesKelvin.

Combining CEA’s supply chain experience and quality assurance services with 2DegreesKelvin’s UK speciality is a “game changer” said Andy Klump, CEO and founder of CEA.

“With this partnership we really are making the world smaller for our clients – they will now benefit from 2DK’s advanced on-the-ground mobile testing services based in the UK, and CEA’s China-based supply chain experts and quality assurance engineers to cover the entire project life-cycle with world-class professionals.”

He continued to say the new partner “deserves to call themselves ‘solar black belts’ because of the contribution they’re already making to our sector’s success”.

2DegreesKelvin has tested over 20,000 solar modules, working to maximise their power output, safety and longevity. To date, it has delivered over 100MW of module, cable and connector exchange projects.

It provides a suite of on-site solar services, including mobile module testing, revamp and repower services, improvement and optimisation and EL testing capabilities.

“Asset owners & managers are starting to understand the true value of end-to-end quality assurance and ensuring that the components that are being installed on these new assets are credible and are in the best possible condition, maximising performance and longevity for the long term,” added 2DegreesKelvin founder and CEO John Davies.

“This strategic partnership with CEA is a historic milestone for 2DK. It provides a huge strength and depth of technical support as we introduce our UK network to both the upstream and downstream quality management services that both CEA and 2DK can offer.” 

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