BeBa Energy completes Norwich Airport solar install

BeBa Energy completes Norwich Airport solar install

Published: 16 Apr 2021, 11:19

Image: BeBa Energy

Commercial solar PV firm BeBa Energy is celebrating the finished installation of a new rooftop solar array for KLM UK Engineering and Norwich Airport.

The 249.9kW array has been installed on the new Hangar 9 project, with the building being specifically designed and built to include solar PV.

Hangar 9 will be used by KLM UK Engineering to carry out aircraft maintenance, with the 735 panel solar array set to help reduce its demand for electricity from the grid and reduce its carbon footprint.

Shaun Beattie, sales director at BeBa Energy, said that it’s great to see almost all of the available roof space being used for the solar as “it’s fair to say that when solar PV is incorporated into a new build it’s usually a token amount”.

Earlier this year, the company installed 1.51MW of rooftop solar across four buildings at two sites owned by apple growers AC Goatham & Son, with the installation consisting of JASolar 340W modules, a K2 mounting system, Huawei inverters and SolarLog for remote monitoring.

Solar Power Portal caught up with Beattie following that announcement to chat about how the C&I market is nearing the “heady heights” of the feed-in tariff days with the level of inquiries soaring.

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