Aviva moves to put ‘words into actions’ with combined solar and storage carport in Perth

Aviva moves to put ‘words into actions’ with combined solar and storage carport in Perth

Published: 16 Nov 2020, 11:40

Combined solar carports and energy storage facilities at Aviva’s Perth office. Image: Aviva.

Insurance company Aviva has opened one of the UK’s largest combined solar and energy storage carports at its Perth Office.

The installation includes 3,283 solar PV panels set to generate 812,000kWh. Around 77% of that figure will be used by the offices while the remainder will be stored in the 1.8MWh energy storage system, either for later use or for export to the grid. The storage system is to feature Tesla Powerpack technology, which is set to manage the flow of electricity between the solar modules, office buildings, grid and electric vehicle chargers.

Aviva said that the system will allow the site to run off grid for five hours each day when the national grid is busiest.

Nick Amin, Aviva chief operating officer, said it is vital that businesses put “words into action” when it comes to tackling the climate emergency.

“That’s why we are taking strides to reduce our environmental impact and partner with leading technology specialists to help make that happen. The Perth solar and storage initiative is a great example of how Aviva is innovating to secure a sustainable energy supply and support the electric vehicle revolution.”

RenEnergy designed and installed the system, whilst the Scottish Government provided £1.5 million of  support through its Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme. The investment reinforces Aviva’s longstanding commitment to public-private collaboration the company said.

David Skinn, Aviva Distribution director based in Perth, said: “Scotland is a country that has long been known as a pioneer in the energy sector, and so it is fitting that Aviva has built the UK’s leading solar and storage facility in the heart of Scotland. With the build up to COP26 gaining momentum, people in Scotland, and across the UK, expect more to be done in the fight against climate change, so we’re delighted to be playing our part alongside the Scottish Government to save and create energy.”

The carport has 342 parking spaces and 50 electric vehicle charging stations. Research by Aviva suggested that 35% of Scottish People think there is a lack of electric infrastructure in Scotland, despite more than two in five petrol and diesel car drivers saying they are more likely to transition to electric vehicles with government or employer support.

Aviva’s Perth site – which houses approximately half of the company’s 2000 strong Scottish workforce – follows the opening of a 608kWp solar carport at its Norwich site in 2019.

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