Aura Power gains planning permission for 50MW North Devon solar farm

Aura Power secures planning permission for 190MW of battery energy storage

Published: 13 Apr 2022, 12:03

Aura Power is also developing solar power sites, such as the Litchardon Cross site (pictured). Image: Aura Power.

Developer Aura Power has secured planning permission for 190MW of battery energy storage projects across two sites.

The 100MW Blaydon project at Newburn Bridge Road has been approved by Gateshead Council. It will sit on brownfield land, on an industrial estate, and the battery asset will be connected into Northern Powergrid’s substation nearby.

The 90MW Drakelow project has been approved by South Derbyshire Council, and will be located on a business park, with limited visibility. It will be connected into Western Power Distribution’s network.

Construction will start on both projects before the end of the year, with work expected to take six to 12 months. The development of both will include biodiversity enhancements, with a minimum of 10% biodiversity net gain planned.

“These projects have made perfect sense from day one,” Peter Thomas, UK BESS development manager at Aura Power, said.

“They both have a very low impact on their surroundings and will play an important role in decreasing energy costs for consumers while also reducing our demand for imported gas”.

The projects form part of Aura Power’s 1GW+ battery storage pipeline in development in the UK.

Beyond battery energy storage, the company is also continuing to expand its solar power portfolio, including securing planning permission for a 30MW solar farm in Worcestershire and a 49.9MW solar farm in North Devon in 2021.

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