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AtlasInvest backed Aukera Energy to develop 2.7GW of renewables across Europe

Published: 18 Nov 2021, 10:48

Aukera Energy is to initially target projects in the UK, Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland. Image: Andreas Gücklhorn (unsplash).

AtlasInvest backed Aukera Energy has announced plans to deliver 2.7GW of renewable energy projects across Europe.

The new company is to focus initially on the UK, as well as Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland, and has already secured more than 1GW of solar and onshore wind projects. These will be delivered by the end of 2022, while the company targets additional solar, onshore wind, storage and other high-impact energy transition solutions.

“We are targeting returns in the long-term, but in doing so we are committed to deploying purpose-driven capital that will deliver tangible benefits for all parties and the environment,” said Pascal Emsens, Aukera co-founder.

“Our inventive and creative approach means we can help to identify, build, and operate projects that don’t always fit the typical mould, ensuring everyone can stand to benefit from renewable energy, and the many advantages it offers.”

Aukera has established local teams in the UK, Italy, Poland, Romania, Germany and Belgium, and is looking to invest in projects at all staging of development. It is looking to grow its central function in London and Brussels, with further office openings and senior appointments expected in early 2022.

AtlasInvest, the family office of Marcel van Poecke, was set up in 2007 to invest along the energy value chain.

Van Poecke, chairman at AtlasInvest, said: “AtlasInvest has invested together with this team for many years. We are once again pleased to provide the necessary capital to ensure this new platform can make an immediate impact, while committing to a longer-term growth strategy.

“Aukera’s experienced team will identify and support developments requiring accelerated access to capital, applied expertise, and hands-on management experience.”

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